Brighter Sound’s Young Composers Commission: Disruption

November 18, 2017

Brighter Sound: Disruption

I was in the middle of recording some vocals last week when my phone started ringing. To my surprise, on the other end of the line was sound/visual artist Vicky Clarke. She was calling to tell me that I’d been awarded a commission by Brighter Sound to write a new piece of music! Yes!

The brief for the commission asks me to explore the theme of ‘disruption’ in relation to musical systems. It will be performed live by professional musicians in March. That gives me a writing time of around three months. During this process I’ll be mentored by Vicky, and will be taking part in a host of workshops with renowned music makers. I’ll also be going on some really exciting research trips.

My plan is to document all of this here. It will be a nice way, I think, of reflecting on my ideas and progress as the weeks go on. It also means that anyone who’s interested can check in on what I’m up to!

More soon!

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